Chilled, frozen or marinated pork, you name it, we have it. Regardless of which food business you are operating (a supermarket, cafe, restaurant, wet market stall, food court or food catering business) as long as you have the word ‘pork’ in your menu, we will be able to offer you with the best range of pork best suited for your business needs.

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We import our pork from AVA approved plant all over the world. We carry chilled pork from Australia, Indonesia and Canada. We import frozen pork from parts of Europe, North and South America and Japan.

Premium Selection

Looking for something premium or different? Our selection of premium pork includes the well love Spanish Iberico to the traditional and valuable Okinawa Agu Pork. We are also the first and only importer in Singapore to import a 100% German sausage all entirely processed under one roof from Germany. Do contact our respective sales person to see our full extensive range of products.